ICHIO student awards

Our committee have selected our finalists for the ICHIO Student awards.  The finalists will present in a special session on Wednesday morning, and the winners will be announced on the closing session of the conference.

Undergraduate Finalist:

  • Tomas Lagos, Rafael Sacaan, Alejandro Navarro-Espinosa, Fernando Ordóñez, Hugh Rudnick and Rodrigo Moreno, Designing Resilient Power Networks Against Natural Hazards
  • Gianluca Baselli, Felipe Contreras, Matías Lillo, Magdalena Marin and Rodrigo A. Carrasco,  Salvage Logging after Wildfires by Mixed Integer Optimization
  • Paula Riquelme, Maichel M. Aguayo and Rosa Medina,  Generating personalized tourist routes using a mixed-integer linear programming formulation
  • Victor Albornoz and Francisco Peñailillo,  Sistema de apoyo al diseño de rutas en la recolección de residuos sólidos domiciliarios

Graduate Finalist:

  • Víctor Bucarey, Eugenio Della Vecchia and Fernando Ordoñez,  Solving strong Stackelberg equilibrium in stochastic games
  • Manuel Rodríguez, Nelson Morales and Eleonora Widzyk-Capehart,  Optimization of the Open-pit/Panel Caving Joint Production Plan
  • Carlos Monardes, Alejandro Mac Cawley, Jorge Vera, Susan Choletteand Sergio Maturana,  Planificación de Fermentación en Bodegas Vitivinícolas
  • Orlando Rivera Letelier, Marcos Goycoolea and Eduardo Moreno,  Integer Programming Methods for the Strategic Open Pit Production Scheduling Problem



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